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  • Sayana Press article 2 10 10 2018 : CONTRACEPTION=Task-shifting the provision of DMPA-SC in the DR Congo: Perspectives
    from two different groups of providers☆,☆☆
    Julie H. Hernandez a,⁎, Pierre Akilimali b, Annie Glover a, Rebecca Emel a, Albert Mwembo c, Jane Bertranda
  • Sayana Press Article :  CONTRACEPTION = Acceptability of the distribution of DMPA-SC by community health workers among acceptors in the rural province of Lualaba in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: a pilot study☆
  • Albert Mwembo a, Rebecca Emel b,⁎, Tesky Koba c, Jacqueline Bapura Sankoko d, Aben Ngayd, Rianne Gay e, Jane T. Bertrandb